The Village

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“Mélisey” means “a thousand springs”

Situated in the Valley of Glens that give Tonnerre its beauty, Mélisey is
nestled between several charming village streets facing the forests and
farmland that outline the region of Burgundy.
On the rockymountain peaks that surround the lavoir and the lower houses,
the Church of St. Aventin and the landmark clog-maker’s house speak of an
era past when local farmers enjoyed the festivities and outdoor balls of yester-year.
The surrounding forests and foot-paths inviteyou to take long walks through nature.
The stone of Tonnerre upon which most of the village houses are built gives a unity
of character to the local architecture.
The pilgrims of St. Jacques de Compostelle that cross through Mélisey love to
linger in this peaceful little village.